Gizmo: Keeping People Safe on the Roads!

February 2017

In Kiev, Ukraine, there is a new safety officer in town! Gizmo is working hard to make sure everyone stays safe on the roads. You can find him on billboards all around the city, reminding everyone of road safety laws.

When the Superbook team approached Kiev’s advertising agency with the idea, they were completely sold! The mayor of Kiev even went so far as to fund the campaign himself.

Children love Gizmo, known as “Robik” in Ukraine, and the bright, colourful displays make following road safety laws fun for the whole family!

Superbook episodes have now been translated into over 50 different languages, including Ukrainian. Now children in Ukraine can watch the Bible come to life like never before!

If you are interested in being a part of what Superbook is doing, you can sign up to become a Superbook Partner here. By giving monthly, you will be investing in spreading the Gospel to places like Ukraine, as well as translating episodes into other languages so that Superbook can continue to reach new places.

Written by Morgan Scott

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